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Let’s talk straight :  we are humans and  tend to get easily bored, and when we are bored or loose interest, we behave accordingly. One of the remedies is to seek thrills, but how much excitement can be achieved at an eight hours day work in the office?

The other way is to transform your environment  into a colorful and invigorating space. If you want ” to go al the way” than glass coverings is the solution to cure the feelings of boredom and  “Down”.  However, glass coverings  is not only suitable for an office space, but also for covering walls at homes.

Glass covering at home  not only gives renewed interest  in formerly boring and monochromatic walls, it can also gives each room a unique “personality”.

For example: a glass covering with a printing of a classic picture  can give your living room  an elegant, sophisticated and international  touch. While covering the walls of the children’s room in glass covered with prints of characters from animation cartoons can make  a colourful and happy environment suited for such a room.

Covering   your bathroom walls with printed glass of tropical forest or a marine theme can give you the soothing feeling you need while relaxing in the bath. You can transform your living room into an intimate love nest with glass coverings of images of a beach in the Maldives islands or an image of a  picturesque village in Italy.

The vast experience we have in planning, printing and installing of printed glass coverings, enable  us, the professionals at alexia-systems to offer you a personal guidance throughout the process, which will help you to endow every room in the home with it’s “own personality”,  according to it’s the purpose in the  family life.



Here you have the opportunity to create colors together

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