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Cladding and design solutions for the kitchen and the rest of the home.

Alexia systems company is engaged in planning, design, manufacturing and development of multiple printing surfaces to provide the most efficient and decorative solutions for the needs of private homes, business, pubs and restaurants, plants and organizations . Among our clients are interior designers, architects, contractors and private clientele, wishing to transform their living space into a more pleasant and attractive area.

Design, cladding and partition solutions for offices, businesses companies and plants

There is no doubt  that colour adds life and enhances the living space. Professional painting can transform every wall into a work of art. Wall design must be executed in the most meticulous way because of the challenges it presented.

Cladding for businesses and companies

Various cladding and design solutions for buildings, hotels and various institutions

Alexia systems  company specializes in design, development and manufacturing for decorative applications. The company offers various printing options on glass surfaces: from decorative and artistic purposes  through glass cladding for kitchens.

Design, and cladding solutions for hotels and various institutions

Here you have the opportunity to create colors together

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