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Printing on Rigid Materials

Alexia systems’ state-of-the-art printing machines, which can print on any hard surface, allow you to fulfill any dream and design vision you might have for your home, office, business or organization.

The ability to capture with accuracy even the smallest details, which are missing from old printing machines, allows us to create a perfectly  detailed high-resolution images.

With the same amount of success you could print a nature image on the Formica or veneer sliding cabinets in yours and your children’s rooms. You can also print a view of blue sea in the shower and bathroom walls.

A modern background image printed on Plexiglass, can be the perfect background for the reception desk area  in your newly decorated office.

Alexia systems also provides an advanced printing   solutions for more  “rough” materials. So printing on materials such as cement board, Trespa, Corian, wood and MDF surfaces is also made possible because of  our advanced printing technology. Just say what’s your dream, and we, at alexia system, will make it happened.


Printing on hard surfaces

The technology of printing on hard  surfaces is fairly new, and  was not available  until the last decades, therefore the

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Printing on Canvas

Often when using the term "canvas print" the first association that pops in our minds is of home and office

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Printing on CORIAN and Acrylic Materials

CORIAN is a raw material made of a compound consisting of 75% minerals as Hydrate Aluminium ,Bauxite and Methacrylate Polyethylene)

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Printing on Trespa

Trespa, sometimes referred to as ''thick foramina'' or in its technical term HPL (High Pressure Laminate) is a hard, tough

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Printing on Foramica

Formica was considered, till recently, the default covering material for wood and chipboard furniture when there was a need to

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Printing on PVC

Although P.V.C surfaces come in many colours and varied degrees of thickness (density), the white surface of the 3 mm

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Printing on Cement Board

Concrete and cement board made out of a mixture of sand, fibres and concrete gained the reputation of industrial materials

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Printing on Wood Veneer and MDF

The technological advancement in the printing area allows our professional staff at Alexia systems to print on wood, MDF or

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Printing on Aluminum and Metal

Even though different types of metal surfaces aren't our  first choice while thinking of printing on hard surfaces, thanks to

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Printing on Plexiglas

Printing on Plexiglas, acrylic glass, is regaining its place in the design market and establishing itself as one of the

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