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Due to of its qualities glass , is considered one of the most common raw materials  used in interior design of homes, offices, public institutions, hotels and businesses.
Its transparency, brilliance and resistance to scratches makes it to one of the most used material in fulfilling different design needs.

In some instances we can give-up the transparent quality of glass   (for example : in  decorative partitions) and then, printing on the glass is being raised from “just” one more printing on transparent glass to the level of printing on decorative glass.

The design of decorative glass has a crucial part in defining the overall impression and atmosphere   of the places and the space where it is installed.

While ordinary glass is perceived as merely functional, behind decorative glass  there is a preconceived thought, a statement, a design reference, and all that, in addition to its basic functionality.

Unlike glass engraving, which may weaken the strength of the glass plate on which the picture is engraved, printing on glass does not impair the durability or strength of the glass.

In addition, it also opens to the printed decorative glass countless possibilities of use and integration.

Whether it is used as a wall or closet covering or standing by itself (with no support) positioned as a partition, a wall in half or three quarters of height or as a specially designed decorative railing.

The elegant and cool atmosphere brought by the glass is reinforced by the professional printing of a landscape picture, blue sky, green field, flowers, urban landscape pictures.

Thinking   of   integrating decorative glass in your home, business or office design? Do not do this before consulting with our design experts at alexia-systems.

We are here at your service from the design stage, through the professional printing stage, to the installation of the cladding or wall that will present it in all its glory.

Our ability to provide this service end-to-end, length, breadth and depth of the design process makes alexia- systems the preferred choice for architects, interior designers and many homeowners, apartments and businesses who wish to make the most out of their living or working environment.


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