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The kitchen area has a crucial part in our daily lives, without food, of course, we cannot survive. So whether it’s cooking for a large dinner, or just having a snack, it is important that we like what’s in front of us while we cook or eat.   

Here are some important tips and advices to consider during the selection process of kitchen paneling:   

***The practicality of the cladding: select a surface that’s easy to clean. No one likes to stand and scrub after hours of cooking, and the solution of a glass covered kitchen as opposed to regular paint or wood paneling, is the most practical one. Glass covering is durable and long-lasting, it keeps its new appearance, and rarely needs to be replaced.  

In addition, glass covering doesn’t absorb grease and dust, so the daily maintenance is easy.   

***Choosing the design: focus on one example so as not to create an overload sensation. Triangular tiles and abstract painting – may be beautiful, but not together.

If you want a romantic design for your kitchen, select a glass covered with a painting of a delicate flower. Flowers are the classical example of romantic décor cladding.

In contrast, for a modern kitchen choose a monochromatic cladding, or combine two dominant colors with marble or stainless steel.

***Choosing the texture: for kitchens where there is heavy traffic and plenty of   cooking in oil, and an accumulation of dirt and wetness we will recommend a smooth, seamless  texture, a print with no etchings or moldings, to avoid unnecessary dirt cleaning.

One of your guidelines should be to create harmony with the other parts of the kitchen.  With the colors and textures of the entire area: from the marble cladding to the cabinets’ coverings, everything should create a continuous and pleasing flow of design concept.

There is a huge variety of colors, patterns, and textures just waiting to be picked. Be open minded, don’t set your heart on one cladding before you examined all that’s available.

For more inspiration look on Alexia systems picture gallery. We promise you that we will be able to find the exact covering that match your wishes and favorite design ideas.    

Here you have the opportunity to create colors together

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